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Robina GrowthCBDRobina

The fulfilment of a $7 billion masterplanned city centre

Along with an unmatched lifestyle and retail centre, the core of Robina’s visionary success is CBDRobina.

Today it is Gold Coast City’s newest and most dynamic CBD, an economic powerhouse that is underpinned by major public sector infrastructure such as the Queensland Health Robina Medical Precinct and Robina Hospital and several Government departments.

CBDRobina also boasts the regional headquarters of numerous national companies, and the city’s premium office building, The Rocket.

CBDRobina’s success can be attributed to the careful planning that created the concept of livable workstyle and workable lifestyle. This blend of business and lifestyle attracts both larger companies and the new generation of exciting young businesses looking for a new culture in a clustered location.

All a few minutes walk from CityVillage.

High population growth

CBDRobina is a proven growth location, consistently outperforming the rest of Gold Coast City and many other Australian cities.

Source: ABS

Robina WorkforceStrong workforce

The Robina area has a workforce of approximately 20,000 which is growing exponentially with the completion of significant new office space in the past 5 years.

Robina Rental StatsAbove average rental

Not only highly sought after, Robina property commands premium rental returns. Median rent for a 3 bedroom townhouse in Robina is 18% higher than Gold Coast city and 43% higher than Queensland as a whole.

Source: Residential Tenancies Authority June 2012

Home InvestmentInvested interest

Investing in CityVillage is much more than a traditional property or lifestyle decision. Here you are part of a larger vision that brings its own rewards through careful planning and foresight.

Most property purchases stop at the boundary of the property, with no assurances or planning beyond that boundary.
After all, cities have thousands of factors all doing their own thing and affecting the city’s growth and success.

The Robina Group has successfully delivered Robinaís development and growth over 30 years to a blueprint for an integrated city centre. As that development continues, you can be secure in the knowledge that your investment in CityVillage is part of that plan with a shared motivation for success.

At CityVillage, you are truly part of something bigger.