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CityVillage Interior Design

The CityVillage terrace home display features a lively interior design scheme of monochrome tones with splashes of vibrant colour.

The interior design for the CityVillage display terrace home was inspired by international urban living styles including those of Palm Springs, Sydney and New York. Designed by the Robina Group in-house marketing and interiors team, the classy colour combinations have a bohemian edge, giving the home an effortlessly stylish look and feel. The design is very elegant but also immensely comfortable, with a casual informality reflective of the Gold Coast City lifestyle.

Yellow is the main feature colour in the CityVillage display home colour pallet, which punches strongly through the monochrome background creating a fun and playful element to the overall design. The use of raw timber furniture and metallic pieces gives the space an earthy undertone.

An oversized charcoal rug and deep charcoal sofa imbed into the natural toned floor and white walls of the home. On the opposite wall is an oversized framed mirror reflecting extra light to bounce off the walls and create the illusion of extending space.

A key piece of vintage photographic art by Slim Aarons is used as a striking feature in the dining room which creates mood and drama to the room and separates the dining space from the rest of the open space design. Several other pieces of furniture in the display were influenced by this artwork, making it a pivotal piece for the main open plan living space.

Monochrome, black and white are currently trending strongly in interior design and used correctly they can really liven up an interior space.

You can achieve a similar look to our display home in your own home by following these simple tips:

• Be bold with your colour selection using strong primary colours to offset the monochrome
• Pops of bright primary colours and greenery throughout the space will result in a refreshing and modern interior style
• Use of geometric shaped items alongside raw timber furniture will give your space warmth and create a harmonious atmosphere
• Bring the outdoors in by adding long and luscious greenery just inside the sliding stacking doors
• Chose unique and original artwork pieces , or your own photographic prints framed or on canvas as feature points for your walls
• Stay on top of design trends, move and evolve fluidly with your interior design taking inspiration from everywhere

For more images of the display home, view our image gallery.

The CityVillage display home is available to view by appointment Wed-Sun 10am to 5pm, or simply drop in to our display centre at The Crestway, Robina to conduct a tour of the home.